Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club Inc

Welcome to our site

Harry, Petal, Tayla, Mitchell and Aussie enjoying a break after demonstrating some of their skills at the Port of Bairnsdale.  

Mission Statement - 

To provide education regarding the law, control and behaviour of dogs in the community in a friendly and supportive environment, while employing non-threatening and positive reward techniques. 


No where in East Gippsland is there a source of dog training with greater variety and experience than at Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club Inc.


We aim to provide education for dog owners to assist them in better managing their dog's behaviour, allowing them to develop a happy relationship with the dog in their lives.

A well-trained dog becomes a well mannered companion that is a joy to be with.

Lorna & Ellie in Open Obedience

Lorna & Ellie in Open Obedience

What do we offer?
  • Obedience 
  • Agility 
  • Responsible Dog Ownership
  • Puppy Class 
  • Baby Puppies
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