Our Committee: 

   President:         Pearl Findlay-James

   Vice President: Marlene Hardy 

   Secretary:         Linda Wilkinson

   Treasurer:        Vicki Jerrett

   General Members:

                          Scott Dizais

                          Maida Marriott

                         Tamara Stephens




About Us

The Bairnsdale & District Dog Obedience Club Inc is affiliated with DOGS Victoria (previously the Victorian Canine Association).  We offer obedience and agility classes and are looking toward introducing new dog sports. Some of our members participate in Tracking, Herding, Earth Dog, Dancing with Dogs and Retrieving.

TRAINING ETHIC - positive reinforcement as we strive to abolish the dominance myth.  To question 'Why did the dog do it wrong?' and answer 'How can I help him/her get it right.'

Mission Statement - 

To provide education regarding the law, control and behaviour of dogs in the community in a friendly and supportive environment, while employing non-threatening and positive reward techniques.