Club Rules

1.       All dogs must have a current vaccination certificate and be over 3 (three) months of age (with the exception of baby puppies).

2.       Dogs must be fitted with a lead and collar appropriate to the size and type of dog.

3.       Dogs must be under effective control at all times.

4.       No dog may be off lead unless authorized by an instructor.

5.       Bitches in season are not allowed on the training ground.

6.       All handlers must use the bucket and scoop provided to clean up any mess made by their dog or carry a plastic bag for this purpose.

7.       The training panel reserves the right to order any dog from the ground if in their opinion the dog is uncontrollable or a hazard to other dogs or people.  The committee also has the right to insist that dogs be muzzled.

8.       Club name badge must be worn during training.

9.       No corporal punishment to be metered out to dogs by handlers/members whilst on the club grounds or participating in club activities.

10.     Verbal or physical abuse by a member toward any member or visitor will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


BDDOC Inc is affiliated with DOGS Victoria and our members as part of their membership agree to comply with the National Code of Responsible Dog Ownership.